To ensure the safety of all our Students and Staff, we have put in place a protocol that will need to all individuals visiting our School will need to respect.


To comply with local, State and Federal safety regulations intended to protect against the spread of COVID-19, we have put in place restrictions on the number of students that may visit the School during scheduled classes. As a result, they we require all students to pre-register for classes 48h in advance. Class Reservations may be done over the Phone at (301) 889-1428, by email at [email protected]or through our online booking system, which is available below. Places will be limited and will be offered on a first come, first serve basis.

The Hung Fut Kung Fu School will continue offering Online Live Classes for all existing members while the COVID-19 protocol is in place to ensure that, regardless of attendance availability, all students may keep on accessing the classes.

General Objectives

  1. We want all students and parents of minor students to feel comfortable that adequate health protections have been implemented.
  2. We must insist that the temporary rules be respected. If a student does not comply with the new rules, then for the safety of everyone else, that student will be asked to leave the class.
  3. Students will be required to wear masks at minimum: (1) upon entering the school; (2) between forms; (3) when transitioning to and from designated training and other areas; and (4) while exiting the building.
  4. Parents are expected to read these rules to their minor children before bringing the children to class and to ensure that the children understand the rules and that they are expected to follow the rules.
  5. Students and parents of minor children will be requested to complete a daily self-health assessment on the day that they will be coming to the school:
    1. Haven’t been diagnosed with COVID-19.
    2. No contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 in the last two weeks.
    3. Do not have a cough, sore throat, fever or generally do not feel well.

New and Prospective Students Are Welcome, But By Appointment Only Please!

Free Intro Sessions:

  1. We have designated safe/socially distanced intro class space, as well as an observation and sign up area for Prospective Students to explore enrollment, and we look forward to having you visit.
  2. We have received consistently enthusiastic feedback about our Free Intro Sessions and we are confident that you will enjoy yours!
  3. To register for a Free Intro Session, give the school a call or send an email with your desired date and time at least 24 hours in advance by Phone at (301) 889-1428, by email at [email protected] or through our online booking system. This will enable us to better ensure a great and safe experience for you.

Before Leaving Your Home to Come to the School

  1. Pre-register for each class. We must restrict the number of students in each class in order to protect your health and safety. Accordingly, each class will only be open to students who have pre-registered for the class.
  2. To pre-register for a class, send an email no more than 48 hours before the class by Phone at (301) 889-1428, by email at [email protected] or through our online booking system.
  3. When you pre-register and a space is available, your registration will be confirmed.

Reserve your place by using one of the booking options below: 

School Layout

    As part of our measures, we have reorganized the School training areas in order to accommodate the safety protocols recommended by Local, State and Federal authorities.
    Please review the following floor plans carefully before attending your reserved classes.

    Before Entering the School Building

    1. Please put on a mask. You will be expected to wear a mask within the building.
    2. Parents must drop and go.
    3. Only enter the school if you are a student and are prepared to take a class. During this period of time, we cannot allow non-students, including parents and friends to stay inside the school premises.
    4. When possible, wear your workout clothes to the school. We must limit the changing areas to one person at a time.
    5. Enter via the stairs closest to the mailbox.
    6. Limit the use of the stairs to one person at a time.

    Before Class Begins

    1. Listen carefully to your Instructor who will explain how the class will proceed and where you should stand while waiting for your instruction.
    2. If you wish to stretch before class, please do so only within a marked area identified for such purpose. During this time period we cannot allow students to touch the stretching bars, the striking bags, or the wooden dummy. Please observe this rule strictly.
    3. Please remember that only one person is allowed in the changing area and only one person is allowed in the bathroom at any time. Please knock before entering either room and do not enter if someone else is in the room.

    During Class

    1. Confine your movements to the marked area you have been assigned. As we start out, we will try to focus you on doing the movements for accuracy and smoothly at a pace using less speed than normal. This is to enable you to train more comfortably while wearing a mask.
    2. Your instructor will tell you when and if you can perform the techniques with full speed and will assign you a special marked off spot for this purpose for a limited period of time.
    3. Minimize conversations during class and generally while in the building. No physical contact of any sort is permitted between people within the school.
    4. Do not remove your mask unless you have the permission of the instructor and the instructor has directed to a remote area that can be easily sanitized to protect everyone else.
    5. Because of social distancing, we cannot train with sparring drills that bring people closer than six feet together. No exceptions please.

    After Class

    1. Exit via the back stairs.
    2. All children must be picked up at the door by a parent or designated adult.
    3. We will endeavor to quickly clean the most commonly used portions of the school between classes and will undertake a more extensive cleaning at the end of each day. Please do not linger in the school after class and we need to move quickly to prepare for the next class or the next day.
    4. Make sure that you quickly gather up any water bottles or other items you have brought into the school. Once you leave, it might not be possible to re-enter if the school is full to capacity.

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