Tradition and Respect are at the foundation of the Hung Fut Kung Fu School

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Honoring the past by pursuing our future

The Tai Yim Kung Fu Website was originally created in 2002 and maintained over the years!

Change is never easy but it forges the path forward.

 8th Generation Grandmaster, Sifu Tai Yim, has always put respect, tradition, dedication and legacy at the forefront of his teachings. This is the core of the philosophy for the school that he founded over 40 years ago.

The Hung Fut Kung Fu School has grown and developed over time, while staying true to its foundational ideas and carrying the wisdom of the Hung Fut Grandmasters to modern times.

Today we pay homage to our heritage, by dedicating this space in honor of the original Hung Fut Kung Fu School website that propelled our message, knowledge and the timeless wisdom of Hung Fut Kung Fu forward to future generations of students.

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Excellence in every class

Ancestral wisdom, tradition and excellence that has been passed down to generations of Masters

8th Generation Grandmaster, Sifu Tai Yim, has brought the wisdom of the Hung Fut System to the Western World. Most importantly, Tai Yim has upheld a legacy of excellence and timeless knowledge that he has passed down to his most dedicated students: those who have met the highest requirements in discipline, persistence and dedication to become the 9th Generation Masters.

Sifu & 9th Generation Masters

The 9th Generation Masters, much like Sifu Tai Yim, carry forward the values, the ancestral wisdom and the tradition of the Hung Fut Style to ensure that we pass the highest standards in martial arts down to everyone of our students.

what They’re Saying

From our Students

My experience thus far (approximately half a year) at Tai Yim is best described as transformational.  Before I started, I was stressed and dissatisfied with a plethora of things in my personal life and had no idea how to manage.  Tai Yim Kung Fu teaches me to “know myself”.  In addition, these guys are beasts of nature.  I am both inspired and humbled whenever I am in the masters’ presence.  Thank you.

William R. Johnson IV

I can’t say enough good things about Tai Yim Kung Fu. I have been going to this school for over 30 years and I’m proud to say that my twin sons are now attending as well. When it comes to traditional Shaolin Kung Fu there is no other school that comes close. I am also very pleased with the schools ability to continue teaching during Covid-19 with online lessons. Thank you Sifu Tai Yim for years of learning and life lessons.

Eric T.

I have been happy to attend Jordan’s basics class. He is an amazing instructor, knowledgeable, kind and attentive, encouraging and able to keep dynamic ambience during the class (no slacking with Jordan). I am just a beginner but as long as I am in his class, I feel strong about continuing learning Kung Fu for the rest of my life.

Nazym Tumenova & Sofiaj Family

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