Using the Traditional and Ancient Arts to Enhance Modern Day Lives

Martial arts fitness training to help you improve your health, increase your energy and boost your self confidence.

Hung Fut Kung Fu

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Fitness Training done Right!

A fitness training program that fits your needs: whether you are feeling tired, overwhelmed by your daily work, or just not feeling at your best, we want to show you that there’s a different way.

By offering programs focused on fitness exercises customized to your needs, our Kung Fu gym is dedicated to helping you reach your personal health and energy goals.

Our programs focus on exercise that simply works. Whether you want to lose weight, gain greater self-confidence, develop personal discipline, become healthier, learn self defense, or simply stay at your top performance level, we can help you achieve those objectives. Through a personalized evaluation, we will work together to meet your training needs.

We understand the struggle of finding the right workout program to fit in with your busy day while trying to meet your personal targets. We want to offer you a way that helps you create the healthy lifestyle that you deserve, when you want it, and become a better version of yourself every day.

Pushing your limits

We will teach you discipline, push you to rediscover your inner self-confidence, work on developing your muscular and cardiovascular strength, and help you renew your personal energy so that you may always feel at your best.

Let’s GO

Get IN Shape

Students working Hard Punching
Student Getting in Shape by practicing Staff

Real Work. Real Results. Adapted to Your Needs.

Using the Traditional and Ancient Arts to Enhance Modern Day Lives

Excellence in Kung Fu
Excellence in Kung Fu
Sparring Student in fighting stance

40 Years of Excellence

Our martial arts gym has been teaching Kung Fu and Tai Chi students since the founding days of the school by world renowned Sifu Tai Yim, 8th Generation Grandmaster of the Hung Fut style, in 1979.

Our school has helped over 10,000 students achieve their fitness, health and energy objectives over the course of four decades.

Join our family and let us help you reach your goals too!

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Located in the heart of Kensington, Maryland, our school is a short drive away from anywhere in Bethesda, Rockville, Chevy Chase or Silver Spring. Come to visit and we’ll show you around!

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4961 Nicholson Court
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Dedicated training in person or online

Virtual Sparring Class

No more Excuses! You can reap the benefits of our world class training by coming to our School or from the comfort of your home!

You can now benefit from our fitness and health programs anywhere!

Whether you are travelling, short on time for a commute to our School, or stuck at home for any reason, we have you covered! Our virtual classes let you train consistently with our dedicated team of instructors and continue focusing on your objectives without spending the time required to come on site.

You get all the benefits of The Hung Fut Kung Fu School with the convenience of staying where you need to be. Our flexible schedule ensures that you can reach your goals when and where it works best for You.

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The Plan

Getting Started

First, Schedule an Appointment at a time convenient for You

Second, Meet with one of our fitness planning instructors to discuss your objectives, and create an action plan customized to your needs

Then, Try our 1-hour introductory session and join the one of our classes to get a feel for the program - available in person or virtual!

Finally, We work with you to help you reach your target and push you to achieve your goals

Students in Horse Stance Punching

Pushing you to be your best

Real Work.
  Real Results.

no Limits

Don’t let yourself be consistently slowed down by a lack of energy or motivation; don’t let your self-image and confidence be a limitation for you. Take a step away from leading a low exercise and sedentary lifestyle.

Above all, let us help you develop the healthy, active, energetic lifestyle that you deserve and create the feeling that you want: that is to say, to stay disciplined, positive and always motivated.

Come and take a look for yourself, we will welcome you to our school in Kensington, Maryland, and help you discover all the benefits you can gain from engaging in our programs!

Moreover, we will work with you to improve your self-confidence, reach your health and energy goals and most importantly, help you achieve the best version of yourself.

Train with Us

Adapted       Training

Regardless of your experience level, age or gender, we have developed our training programs to meet your needs. For instance, whether you’re looking for a dynamic workout, a softer training routine, or anywhere in between, we have something that can help you achieve your goals.

Students doing Horse Stance

Strength Training

Our fitness programs focus on guiding you through the development of muscular strength and increased cardiovascular endurance. 

Children Stretching before clas


No matter your level and experience, our training programs will guide you through exercises focused on improving flexibility and mobility.

Healthy Tai Chi Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

Beyond the core benefits of strength and flexibility development, our fitness training programs’ primary objetcive is to show to the path to engaging in a journey toward a healthy and happy lifestyle you can feel good about.

Excellence in every class

Ancestral wisdom, tradition and excellence that has been passed down to generations of Masters

8th Generation Grandmaster, Sifu Tai Yim, has brought the wisdom of the Hung Fut System to the Western World. Most importantly, Tai Yim has upheld a legacy of excellence and timeless knowledge that he has passed down to his most dedicated students: those who have met the highest requirements in discipline, persistence and dedication to become the 9th Generation Masters.

Sifu & 9th Generation Masters

The 9th Generation Masters, much like Sifu Tai Yim, carry forward the values, the ancestral wisdom and the tradition of the Hung Fut Style to ensure that we pass the highest standards in martial arts down to everyone of our students.

Be your best, Every day

Our Programs

More than just a workout

Traditional Southern Shaolin

Kung Fu

The program that defines the soul of our School, based on the Style of Hung-Fut through the wisdom of 8th generation Grand-Master, Sifu Tai Yim.

Traditional Kung Fu for Everyone

Kung Fu Straight Kick Warmup


Our Traditional martial arts program offers you the right balance between physical exercise and personal development. 

Mind and Body

This program will guide you on improving your body by pushing you through dynamic fitness activities while developing your mind through the practice, memorization and repetition of ancestral Hung Fut style techniques.

Students doing the Three Stars Exercise
Kung fu Staff Form


Our program will improve your flexibility, increase strength, speed, endurance, develop your agility, and sharpen your mental preparedness to face challenges.

Energy & Motivation

Engaging in the practice of Kung Fu will help you develop discipline and self confidence with the added benefit of renewed energy levels and increased motivation.

Kung Fu Handset Form with Energy

Training for the body and soul

Tai Chi

You need not exert yourself to live a healthy lifestyle and keep yourself fit. Gentle consistent motion to rejuvenate the body and soul.

Inner Peace

Health, inner peace and energy are some benefits of our Tai Chi program. True to the essence of martial arts and discipline, Tai Chi will help you lead a healthy lifestyle.

Tai Chi Class

Healthy Workout

You will be able to release your mind from stress and focus on generating a positive attitude all around you. While exercise is slow-paced, Tai Chi will offer you a healthy workout that will keep your muscles toned and your mind alert.

Tai Chi Straight Sword


You will enjoy a gentle Tai Chi workout in a friendly and welcoming environment that will help you develop flexibility, balance and maintain muscle strength with seemingly minimal effort.

Tai Chi Fan Form

Focused on fun and growth

Kids Class

Every child deserves the right to have fun, be active and learn something new every day! As a result, we tailored our Kids programs to bring the best out of them while pushing your children to find the better parts of themselves.

Fun and Engaging

Our Children’s program is fun, engaging, and active. With exercise sets focused on interaction, discipline, health and fitness; your child will never be bored.

Kid Student Punching with Fun

Respect & Discipline

The Kids Class martial arts program offers all of the benefits of Kung Fu to your child: self confidence, discipline, motor coordination, respect, tolerance and values.

Kids Class Staff Form


We help our children students renew their enjoyment of physical activity and real-world interaction by offering a dynamic environment they can thrive in.

Kids Class Overhead Strike with Dynamism

Awaken the warrior in you


Our most dynamic martial arts program is focused on helping you push yourself to the limits, train your body and mind at the highest level, and as a result, let you discover what you are truly made of.


Our Sparring training program offers a dynamic and practical way to discover martial arts. We focus our kickboxing classes on exercise that offers direct interaction with other students and develops real-life fighting techniques in a safe and controlled environment.

Kickboxing Dynamic Push Kick

Practical knowledge

The Sparring kickboxing program expands the knowledge and wisdom of Hung Fut Kung Fu with the experience of real-life combat techniques. You will learn to develop your endurance, reflexes and mindset for success.

Kickboxing Punching Drills

All levels welcome

Our Sparring program welcomes all levels of experience; whether you are a beginner wanting to learn how to fight or you’ve been sparring for a while, we will introduce you to a kickboxing program that will allow you to progress from the contactless basic sparring  to our competitive-level Full Contact Kickboxing classes.

Kickboxing Wrapping Hands

what They’re Saying

From Our Students

I started Kung fu as a way to stay in shape about 12 years ago when my oldest son also enrolled in the children’s program. It certainly serves that purpose, but at Tai Yim Kung Fu school, I have learned what sets martial arts apart from mere exercise: focus, precision, and an ever deepening understanding of how to move efficiently, flexibly and sustainably.

The instructors have been generous, patient, and when needed, honest. I have myself become an assistant instructor and am honored to be part of this school, which has become like family.

Lara A.

I have enjoyed the privilege of studying the Hung Fut system at the Tai Yim Kung Fu school for a number of years. While the school has a great deal to offer students of all ages I can speak from personal experience as to its benefits for those of us over age 55. With the advance of years, it is critical to pay extra attention to the maintenance of mobility and balance. A fall at age 65 has consequences far more troublesome than a fall at age 40. The disciplined stance work and the progressive introduction of increasingly challenging body movements under the watchful and supportive TYKF instructors are perfect ways to enhance the ability to maintain a youthful command over one’s movement in space despite the advance of old age.

The classes are structured to provide realistic challenges for students by stressing that one’s goal is not the speed or flexibility of another student but is instead the best performance that can be achieved with respect to one’s own personal potential.

The benefits of Hung Fut training were manifested in my own experience in connection with a hip replacement operation at age 69. The doctor commented on the unusually high speed of recovery of mobility and balance. All attributable to TYKF.

Bill C.

It was January 1979 when I heard a new kung fu school was opening in Wheaton Maryland that was teaching Hung Fut. I had been studying 7 Star Praying Mantis in Chinatown New York for 5 years commuting there from Washington, D.C., on my days off from work.

I went to visit the new school with my friend and teacher “Kung Fu Joe” Master Josephus Colvin. Sifu Tai Yim was painting the school getting ready for his grand opening. We discussed Hung Fut. We were impressed with his techniques… his speed, power, and execution. Kung Fu Joe was a master of Hung Ga so when he said Sifu Yim was skillful he knew what he was talking about. We each showed him one of our forms. I did a mantis form. Sifu Yim then told me things about the form I didn’t know. I signed up and have been his student ever since.

Ricardo C.

What You Get

Discover all the benefits that our School has to offer and how they can help you achieve your objectives!

Kung Fu


Free intro class


Cardio workout


Strength workout



Tai Chi


Free Intro Class


balance workout


Mindful Exericises


Improved Flexibility

Kids Class


Fun Environment






Dynamic Exercises



Dynamic workout


Improved reflexes





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