Develop your reflexes, increase your speed, boost your Self-confidence and grow your martial arts experience with our Dynamic Sparring & Kickboxing program

Sparring Program

Reaching the next level

Feel the accomplishment of pushing yourself as you discover your limits and grow beyond them.

Trying to push yourself to reach the next level in life, in learning, in anything you do, is a challenge; you work around a busy schedule and family activities to balance your time. You may even fall victim to limiting beliefs about your capacity to grow, preventing you from taking the next steps. Our Sparring martial arts program focuses on helping you push through those limitations and develop a powerful sense of accomplishment and truly grow as a Kung Fu and martial arts practitioner.

Sparring represents the ultimate level in the application of martial arts, by allowing you to put into practice all the knowledge of Kung Fu, in a controlled environment, that lets you experience the dynamic nature of a fight through contact based interactions with other students. Based on the authentic Hung Fut system’s Kung Fu techniques, our kickboxing program focuses on improving your self-confidence in real-contact situations and developing your understanding of self-defense.

Practical applications and real experience

Excellence in every class

Ancestral wisdom, tradition and excellence that has been passed down to generations of Masters

8th Generation Grandmaster, Sifu Tai Yim, has brought the wisdom of the Hung Fut System to the Western World. Most importantly, Tai Yim has upheld a legacy of excellence and timeless knowledge that he has passed down to his most dedicated students: those who have met the highest requirements in discipline, persistence and dedication to become the 9th Generation Masters.

Sifu & 9th Generation Masters

The 9th Generation Masters, much like Sifu Tai Yim, carry forward the values, the ancestral wisdom and the tradition of the Hung Fut Style to ensure that we pass the highest standards in martial arts down to everyone of our students.

Push yourself, reach your goals

Whether you’ve never sparred before or you are an experienced fighter, our practical applications martial arts program will allow you to push yourself further than you’ve ever tried before. Our experienced instructors will guide you through the self-defense techniques while helping you stay true to your goals.

Find your potential

We’ve created a dynamic program that provides consistent results with controlled contact exercise routines.

Beyond the practical contact applications, our kickboxing oriented classes focus on developing your muscular strength, cardiovascular capacity and overall endurance.

Our mission is to help you achieve your goals. We understand the challenges in finding classes that will fit in your busy day, the difficulty in finding a school that will work toward understanding your needs and help you focus on reaching your potential. Our team of experienced kickboxing instructors will work with you on reaching those objectives.

The Plan

Getting Started

First: Schedule your introductory class at a time that works for you

Second: Meet with our Martial Arts and Self-Defense instructor to discuss your objectives and create a training plan adapted to your needs

Then: Try our 1-hour introductory class and then join one of our scheduled classes to get experience the benefits of Kung Fu - in person or online!

Finally, Our team’s focus will be on helping you reach your fitness and health goals

Students Getting Ready for Sparring Class

Dedicated training in person or online

Virtual Sparring Class

No more Excuses! You can reap the benefits of our world class training by coming to our School or from the comfort of your home!

You can now benefit from our fitness and health programs anywhere!

Whether you are travelling, short on time for a commute to our School, or stuck at home for any reason, we have you covered! Our virtual classes let you train consistently with our dedicated team of instructors and continue focusing on your objectives without spending the time required to come on site.

You get all the benefits of The Hung Fut Kung Fu School with the convenience of staying where you need to be. Our flexible schedule ensures that you can reach your goals when and where it works best for You.

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Push yourself, at your pace

You will work with highly trained instructors that will show you how to safely push your limits.

Our program puts the highest importance on your growth at the pace that suits you. The choice to take part in training activities at a level that you feel comfortable with, is always yours. When you are ready to move forward, and safely advance to the next stage, our highly trained instructors will guide you, attentively assess and coordinate your progress based on your needs and experience to ensure your safety and success.

At Tai Yim Kung Fu we have a long history of producing Champions.

Through the years, Hung Fut Kung Fu School has produced many national champions in full contact fighting, open handset, and weapon forms. 

Enjoy the benefits of our Sparring Program

Improved Reflexes

One of the major benefits of kickboxing is the ability to improve reaction speed by learning how to react quickly to real-time situations.

Increased Cardiovascular Capacity

The dynamic nature of kickboxing promotes the development of your cardiovascular capacity and air intake.


Kickboxing pushes you to keep a consistent pace for a prolonged period while sustaining your maximum performance.

Speed and Focus

Our controlled real-contact environment allows you to learn how to increase your reaction speed and develop your focus to always be on target.


The core application of our applied Kung Fu program is to help you develop your ability to react in real-life situations where instinct and experience are critical.


By allowing yourself into our program, you are letting yourself fully develop your confidence and self-defense experience through direct contact and interaction with other students.

Transform your habits

You now have the chance of joining a practical Kung Fu, contact-based, program that focuses on your growth. You can move away from your limiting beliefs and truly develop your self confidence and energy. You can choose to leave behind all the habits that negatively affect your health and your motivation; we are here to help you achieve your fitness and health goals. Our mission is to guide you in ways you can push yourself to become the person you deserve to be.

You can have self-confidence, motivation, health and increased energy today. By joining our Sparring classes, we can show you a fresh way of training hard, developing self-defense experience and help you become the best version of yourself.

Discover your best self today

what They’re Saying

From our Students

The sparring classes teach many essential elements – distancing, movement, defense, and striking. The training incorporates many aspects of boxing and fully integrates them with kicking techniques. There is a lot of conditioning incorporated in the training, and honestly it is a fun way to stay in shape.  I have earned a black belt in Isshin-Ryu Karate between my initial first years at Tai Yim Kung Fu doing the sparring classes, and the present when I am back taking classes at Tai Yim. Everything I learned from those sparring classes was extremely helpful training in Karate. In my opinion, what is taught in those classes would help all martial artists with sparring.

David B.

I have been taking online sparring classes since March.  Classes are fun, engaging, and most importantly helping me improve my sparring techniques.  Be prepared to learn something new and get a great workout!

Steve T.

Sparring class is a great way to stay in shape. Its a great cardio workout with the advantage of practicing and applying real combat techniques in a safe and friendly environment.

Kevin L.

My children and I have been taking the Sparring class for about a year now. I have a lot of respect for the Sparring class teachers, the amount of experience they bring, and the amount of effort they put into teaching. Whether virtual or in-person, the teachers work to steadily increase your development and progress. They also pay close attention to your technique to make sure you are learning and training properly. I can honestly say the same is true with the general approach to the school as a whole and that the teaching is consistent throughout. Thank you Tai Yim Kung Fu.

Jeffrey Prather

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