Boost your children’s motivation, energy and discipline with our fun and dynamic kids martial arts fitness classes

Kids Martial Arts

Healthy lifestyle Values

We believe that the development of healthy, self confident and active students can create a generation that focuses on respect and hard work.

Our Kids martial arts program has been part of our core Hung Fut Kung Fu curriculum since the early days of the Hung Fut Kung Fu School.

Focus on the most important people while staying on top of your busy schedule: you may have struggled with finding the right balance between life’s responsibilities and providing your young ones with the activity, energy and motivation they deserve. Let us show you a way you can give them an opportunity to grow and focus on healthy habits and behaviors.

We’ve created our Kids Class with your children in mind: our classes focus on the development of health habits through creative and fun physical activity workouts. They also provide a controlled environment to socialize with other students, develop the values of respect and discipline, and most importantly, learning how to enjoy the benefits of exercise and Kung Fu.

Developing Healthy Habits for the future

Excellence in every class

Ancestral wisdom, tradition and excellence that has been passed down to generations of Masters

8th Generation Grandmaster, Sifu Tai Yim, has brought the wisdom of the Hung Fut System to the Western World. Most importantly, Tai Yim has upheld a legacy of excellence and timeless knowledge that he has passed down to his most dedicated students: those who have met the highest requirements in discipline, persistence and dedication to become the 9th Generation Masters.

Sifu & 9th Generation Masters

The 9th Generation Masters, much like Sifu Tai Yim, carry forward the values, the ancestral wisdom and the tradition of the Hung Fut Style to ensure that we pass the highest standards in martial arts down to everyone of our students.

achieving their potential & Growth

We focus on giving young students in our programs an environment where they can thrive, rediscover their bodies as the fundamental way to enjoy the world that surrounds them, and ultimately keep them away from all the modern limiting activities that would prevent them from fully expanding their personalities.

A Dynamic learning environment

We’ve focused on creating a program that provides consistent results with exercise routines that combine coordination, dynamic motions and static stances.

The philosophy of Kung Fu is one of self development, of fostering self confidence through practice, the discovery of the values of respect and discipline to achieve great goals, and ultimately lead a life of peace.

We know how hard it is to find a fitness-oriented program that not only provides a growth opportunity for your children, but one that is also flexible enough to adapt to your busy schedule. We want to offer you a way to provide a health-focused environment for your young ones, where they can have fun, engage in physical activity doing martial arts, and develop their concepts of self-worth and confidence, all while accommodating the demands of your daily time constraints.

The Plan

Getting Started

First: Schedule an introductory class at a time convenient to You

Second: Meet with our Kids Class instructor to discuss your objectives and how we can best help your children

Then: Let them try our introductory session and join one of our scheduled classes to see how our martial arts program can benefit you and your family

Finally, Our team will focus on helping them reach their goals, and more importantly have fun in our School

Dynamic Punching Drill

Dedicated training in person or online

Virtual Sparring Class

No more Excuses! You can reap the benefits of our world class training by coming to our School or from the comfort of your home!

You can now benefit from our fitness and health programs anywhere!

Whether you are travelling, short on time for a commute to our School, or stuck at home for any reason, we have you covered! Our virtual classes let you train consistently with our dedicated team of instructors and continue focusing on your objectives without spending the time required to come on site.

You get all the benefits of The Hung Fut Kung Fu School with the convenience of staying where you need to be. Our flexible schedule ensures that you can reach your goals when and where it works best for You.

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Keeping them Active and Interested

We help them create a renewed passion for activities that lets them burn energy while building confidence.

If you feel like electronic devices have been draining away the motivation and energy of your sons and daughters, preventing them from enjoying the world around them, affecting their confidence, has them constantly glued to a screen, and keeping you worried about their health, you are not alone. Our Kids martial arts program aims to address those concerns.

Healthy development oriented benefits

Dynamic Activities

We keep our junior students fully engage in a dynamic, active, engaging and fun environment.


Our goal is to ensure that they can spend energy through martial arts exercises and activities.


The Hung Fut style focuses on the development and reinforcement of self confidence by helping young students believe in their abilities to achieve their goals.


Our programs allow for students to be fully engaged in the class curriculum while constantly being challenged to grow by our instructors.

Increased Energy

By focusing on physical activity and motivation, we help create a renewed sense of motivation among students.

Discipline & Respect

Beyond the physical benefits of exercise, the philosophy of Kung Fu promotes the development of self-discipline and respect as core values.

Healthy Habits

We focus our classes on creating long-lasting health habits through fitness-oriented exercises and practices.


More than just Kung Fu classes, our programs provide a welcoming environment for students to make friends, challenge each other and grow together.

Healthy Transformation

Your children do not have to become victims of the continuous exposure to electronic games and online videos that keep them inside all the time. There is another way; we can help you offer them with the opportunity of stepping away from unhealthy habits, to the benefit of developing into active, motivated, energetic Kung Fu students with a powerful desire for growth and discovery.

Achieve your potential

Our mission is helping them achieve the new best version of themselves: happy, joyful and full of energy.

You now have the chance to help them develop their self confidence, discipline, respect and let them experience fun and engaging activities that they’ll look forward to taking part in. We can provide you with a way to achieve your dream of giving the best to your most important people.

We will help you offer your kids a welcoming environment, focused on fitness, where they can thrive and reach their objectives while adapting to your busy schedule.

Let them discover an active lifestyle

what They’re Saying

A few words from parents

My daughter has been taking kids’ Kung Fu Classes for the past 3 years and enjoys it. The teachers are very caring, friendly and involved. We also love the fact that rates are very reasonable for the amount of lessons and training you get.

Nikki Enright

Parents seek out martial arts schools for their children for a multitude of reasons. Some reasons are spoken, some unspoken. As a former practitioner of various styles, now a mother of a precocious daughter studying at the Grandmaster’s Kensington location, I’m delighted to state unequivocally that this gem of a school is a rare find. Grandmaster Tai Yim’s legacy is truly authentic. He is the Eighth Generation Grandmaster of the Shaolin Hung Fut system. He has won so many awards that every wall is overflowing with plaques. This height of authenticity is difficult to find.


Tai Yim Kung Fu has been instrumental in the development of my daughter who first joined when 4.5yrs old. Apart from learning a beautiful art form; physical strength, confidence and a general wellness is gained. This comes from a culture of caring relayed from Sifu Tai Yim, to instructors and to us all.

Anil A.

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