Tai Chi Wellness program focused on Fitness to help you improve your Health and increase your Energy at your own pace.

Tai Chi Program

A Tai Chi program adapted to your needs

Finding a balance between your personal wellness, staying healthy and finding motivation to enjoy the most meaningful things in life can be an overwhelming daily challenge. 

We want to help you find a path that lets you do just that.

We’ve created our Tai Chi Wellness Program to help you focus on the development of a healthy lifestyle that promotes simple and approachable fitness exercises coupled with the traditional benefits of slow-moving martial arts.

We designed our wellness martial arts program with a focus on moving away from the burden of strenuous workouts in favour of exercise sets that you can easily achieve and still offer all the health benefits associated with physical activity.

Health, Energy & Motivation

We understand the difficulty in finding a program that adapts to your busy schedule and trying to stay motivated, energetic and healthy at the same time. Our goal is to show you a way that helps you focus on the creation of the lifestyle you want and deserve, to feel a sense of renewed energy, focus and peace.

Welcoming and Experienced Community

Our martial arts school has been teaching Tai Chi and Kung Fu for over forty years, creating a powerful sense of community and family with our Students.

Healthy habits to keep you at your best

With our soft-form martial arts program, we will help you learn discipline, consistency and help you develop a renewed mental focus, health-focused habits and motivation, to let you enjoy the best moments in your life with the people you love, doing the things you like.

The Plan

Getting Started

First: Schedule your introductory class at a time convenient to You

Second: Meet with our Wellness instructor to discuss your objectives and create a fitness plan adapted to your needs

Then: Try our introductory session and join one of our scheduled classes to see how our program can benefit you - available in person or virtual!

Finally, Our team will focus on helping you reach your target and achieve your fitness goal

Tai Chi Fan Form

Dedicated training in person or online

Virtual Sparring Class

No more Excuses! You can reap the benefits of our world class training by coming to our School or from the comfort of your home!

You can now benefit from our fitness and health programs anywhere!

Whether you are travelling, short on time for a commute to our School, or stuck at home for any reason, we have you covered! Our virtual classes let you train consistently with our dedicated team of instructors and continue focusing on your objectives without spending the time required to come on site.

You get all the benefits of The Hung Fut Kung Fu School with the convenience of staying where you need to be. Our flexible schedule ensures that you can reach your goals when and where it works best for You.

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Muscle Strength

Our classes focus on helping you improve both your upper and body lower strength.


Besides helping strengthen your body, our wellness exercise workout can help you increase upper and lower body flexibility.


You will experience an increased sense of balance and spatial awareness by learning how to perform the slow-paced techniques with increasing precision.

Aerobic Conditioning

We have created our health exercise program to help you improve your breathing technique and increase aerobic capacity.

Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body

Our program focuses on promoting healthy habits by taking advantage of the cognitive benefits often associated with meditation and mindfulness.

Energy & Motivation

By guiding you on performing steady mind and body exercise sets, we help you with renewing your energy and overall motivation.


By joining our wellbeing classes, you are also becoming part of our dedicated martial arts and health community, long lasting friendships and a supportive environment to thrive.

the Lifestyle you deserve

You can take charge of your wellbeing and fitness today with no hard workouts or strenuous exercise programs. You don’t have to let yourself fall out of shape, be a victim of low energy and lack of motivation or surrender yourself to a sedentary lifestyle that may have a negative impact on your wellbeing.

Achieve your potential

We will help you focus on achieving your goals, so you may discover the new best version of yourself, today.

Lifelong enjoyment within your reach

You can choose to take control over your fitness and wellbeing habits today, to start creating the lifestyle you deserve: a lifestyle with radiating energy, renewed motivation and outstanding health.

Now is your time to take advantage of the possibilities Tai Chi can offer you and the opportunity of working with us; regardless of your age or physical condition, we feel that you will benefit greatly from our soft-form martial arts classes with exercise sets adapted to your needs.

Take control & Find your inner peace

what They’re Saying

From our Students

The Tai Chi classes are extremely detail oriented and no part of the learning processed is rushed. There is a very low student to instructor ratio, which results in lots of individual instruction. One aspect I personally enjoy is that the Tai Chi sword form is taught as part of the curriculum.  I feel very relaxed after the classes, which is an excellent benefit.

David B.

I want to thank Tai Yim Kung Fu for the wonderful Tai Chi program.  The instructors are caring and have decades of experience teaching this ancient art in a caring environment.  Classes are paced to the experience of the student.  New students receive one on one instruction as well as enjoying the peaceful group practices. Tai Chi is truly “moving meditation” and will help you become more relaxed, mindful and improve your physical health.

Amy Sochard

Tai Chi classes here are both humbling and uplifting. Every class I learn something new and feel both relaxed and energized. I still have a long way to go and am looking forward to every step of the way.

Alan B.

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