The wisdom of the Hung Fut System has been passed down through 8 Generations of Grandmasters

Hung Fut Lineage & History

The founder of Hung Fut Kung Fu – Wun Lei

First Generation Grandmaster Wun Lei founded the Hung Fut System nearly 400 years ago.

Shaolin Temple

Hung Fut Kung Fu, a southern Chinese martial art style, was created nearly 400 years ago at the Southern Shaolin Temple in China’s Fujian province by by Lee Jo Fuen, known as Shaolin Buddhist Master Wun Lei, a Shaolin monk and Kung Fu grandmaster. The style is a hybrid of Hung Gar (Hung Fist) and Fut Gar (Buddhist Palm), two southern Chinese systems of Kung Fu. Wun Lei was a Buddhist Palm master and also a student of the great Hung Gar founder, Hung Hei Gung.

Having the full knowledge of both these systems to draw from, Wun Lei combined the low, strong stances and ferocious hand techniques of Hung Gar (a hard style) with the relaxed, internal movements of Fut Gar (a soft style) to create a new style, aptly named Hung Fut. The Hung Fut System is, thereby, a style unique in its incorporation of linear, circular, and angular techniques, which results in movements that are powerful and explosive, yet precise, flowing, and without rigidity

Second Generation Grandmaster – Wong Tong Kae

Old Kung Fu Weapons

Sifu Wun Lei granted his wisdom to the 2nd Generation Grandmaster.

Hung Fut founder and First Generation Grandmaster Wun Lei passed on the Hung Fut System and higher-level aspects of his martial arts knowledge to a fighter and disciple named Wong Tong Kae, who thus became the Second Generation Grandmaster.

Wong Tong Kae granted the secrets of Hung Hut to the 3rd Generation Grandmaster.

Wong Tong Kae offered the secrets and techniques of the Hung Fut System to his disciple Lee Tong Yun.

Third Generation Grandmaster – Lee Tong Yun

Shaolin Temple Altar

Fourth Generation Grandmaster – Ho Do Don

Shaolin Temple Rooftop

Lee Tong Yun chose the 4th Generation Grandmaster to carry his knowledge.

Lee Tong Yun taught the knowledge of Hung Fut to his student Ho Do Don ensuring the continuity of the System for generations to come.

Ho Do Don offered his wisdom to the 5th Generation Grandmaster.

Ho Do Don continued the tradition of selecting the next Grandmaster by granting Ng Hoi Tong with the responsibility of carrying the wisdom of Hung Fut forward.

Fifth Generation Grandmaster – Ng Hoi Tong

Chinese Lion

Sixth Generation Grandmaster – Hung Ju Sing

Hung Ju Sing, the White Haired Devil

The Hung Fut System reached the twentieth century when Hung Ju Sing, better known as White Haired Devil, received the lineage title from Ng Hoi Tong, thus becoming the Sixth Generation Grandmaster.

Hung Ju Sing was nicknamed the White Haired Devil, legend has it, because of how he looked when demonstrating his staff form–which was said to be so powerful it made him look like a screaming devil–combined with the color of his hair, which turned white when he was only thirty years old. After his teacher, Ng Hoi Tong, died, he went to the Purple Bamboo Buddhist Temple in Canton, where he continued his Hung Fut Kung Fu training with Monk Loy Yuen, his Si Suk (his teacher’s younger classmate). When he completed his training with his Si Suk, Hung Ju Sing, now in his fourties, returned to his home village in Canton. He later traveled throughout China for many years, continuously testing and improving his skills.

White Haired Devil and his sons

When in his sixties, Hung Ju Sing moved to Hong Kong with his three sons and there began teaching Hung Fut Kung Fu. With the help of his sons and other top students, the Hung Fut System was made widely known throughout Hong Kong. Though he contested with many top masters, it was said that he always emerged the winner, making him well known throughout the Hong Kong Kung Fu community as an extraordinary grandmaster. Though he lived a life of danger and adventure, Hung Ju Sing lived to be very old, passing away at the age of 96 at Pingsan Temple.

Seventh Generation Grandmaster – Hung Yu Chung

Hung Yung Chung, 6th Generation Hung Fut Grandmaster, 7th Generation Hung Fut Grandmaster

Hung Yu Chung, a renowned Hong Kong martial artist, was the 7th Generation Hung Fut Grandmaster and Son of Hung Ju Sing.

Hung Ju Sing’s eldest and second son each had completely mastered the Hung Fut System and all the secret skills of their father, but they both died at an early age. Having lost his first two sons, Hung Ju Sing asked his third and youngest son, Yu Chung, who was then 18 years old and living on the mainland, to come to Hong Kong to assist him in teaching Kung Fu. From that point on, Hung Yu Chung lived and taught with his father until Hung Ju Sing passed away.

At that time, Hung Yu Chung took over his father’s duties and continued to spread Hung Fut Kung Fu, becoming the Seventh Generation Hung Fut Grandmaster. Not only did Hung Yu Chung live up to his father’s reputation, he surpassed it, becoming renowned throughout the Kung Fu world. Unfortunately, this great grandmaster died from an incurable disease at the early age of 54, while in the preparatory stages of establishing a General Association for Hung Fut Kung Fu.

Eighth Generation Grandmaster – Tai Loi Yim

Tai Yim at 16 with 7th Generation Grandmaster and Daughter

Sifu Tai Yim became the 8th Generation Grandmaster of Hung Fut at the age of 20 and brought the wisdom of his masters to the U.S. in 1977.

After Hung Yu Chung’s untimely passing, the duties of giving Kung Fu instruction were taken over by his favorite student and adopted son, Tai Yim, who had already received the lineage title from his teacher as the Eighth Generation Hung Fut Grandmaster. In fulfillment of the wish of Hung Yu Chung, Sifu Tai Yim brought the Hung Fut System from Hong Kong to the United States in 1977.

With eight generations of rich history and tradition, Hung Fut remains today a dynamic and diverse system. Due to its combination of power, speed, beauty, and practicality, it stands out among most styles. It is made even more unique because of its emphasis on left-handed fighting techniques, which make it easier for a Hung Fut stylist to surprise an opponent. The system contains many forms, including ten animal styles, twenty-five classical weapons, eight drunken immortal forms, four cripple forms, a left-hand fighting form, and other specialty forms.

Grandmaster Tai Yim performingh a high sidekick

8th Generation Grandmaster, Tai Loi Yim

Founder of the Hung Fut Kung Fu School in 1979, Sifu Tai Loi Yim has been carrying the torch of the Hung Fut System from the Age of 20. His unwavering focus and lifelong dedication to Kung Fu has earned him the title of 8th Generation Grandmaster of the Hung Fut Style.

Today, he still teaches at the Hung Fut Kung Fu School in Kensington MD, with an undying passion for promoting martial arts and Kung Fu throughout the community.

The Ninth Generation – A New generation of Masters

As is Tradition, the Hung Fut System is passed down to dedicated new generations to ensure a continued legacy of wisdom and excellence.

Sifu Tai Loi Yim has been teaching Kung Fu in the Washington DC area for over forty years. On September 17th 2006, the 8th Generation Hung Fut Grandmaster, passed along the lineage of the Hung Fut System to the new 9th Generation Masters.

Witnessed and blessed by legends of modern Kung Fu, Eagle Claw’s Grandmaster Lily Law, Wan Lum’s Grandmaster Poi Chan and late Southern Praying Mantis’ Grandmaster Henry Poo Yee, the 9th Generation masters represent a diverse generation of highly dedicated and accomplished pratitioners of the Hung Fut System. 

Sifu & 9th Generation Masters

The 9th Generation Masters, with their focus, dedication and devotion to the system, carry forward the values, the ancestral wisdom and the tradition of the Hung Fut Style. With a mission of ensuring that they pass the highest standards in martial arts down to everyone of our students, they continue teaching with a focus on dedication and perfection while maintaining values, respect, discipline and integrity.

Today they continue the legacy of Hung Fut

Hung Fut Masters

Meet the modern-day masters of the Hung Fut System, those who carry the knowledge, the values and the timeless ancestral techniques of the Syle.

Sifu Tai Yim with 9th Generation Master, Ricardo Chen


A student of the Hung Fut Style since February 1979, with 8th Generation Grandmaster Tai Yim, he became an instructor for the School in 1994. He formerly studied with the late Seven Star Praying Mantis Grandmaster, Chiu Len, in New York City and learned Hung Ga with the late Master Josephus Colvin in Washington D.C. He was formerly a police officer with the metropolitan police department in Washington D.C. and a lieutenant assigned to the 7th District. He retired from the police force in 1999. 

Date Joined:   January 2nd 1979

  • Reaching the level of Hung Fut Master
Sifu Tai Yim with 9th Generation Master, Eugene Chung

9th Generation Master, Eugene Chung

A computer programmer, is a former full contact fighting champion. His dream since the 12th grade was to become a Kung-Fu master.

Date Joined:   January 1980

  • Has helped hundreds of students improve their health through Tai Chi
  • Fu Jow Pai Open Championships (New York, NY) 2nd Place Advance Broadsword
  • Fu Jow Pai Open Championships (New York, NY) 2nd Place Full Contact
  • 1986 Flying Dragon Open Tournament 1st Place Two Man Set
Sifu Tai Yim with 9th Generation Master, Lihn Vien Thai


A systems engineer, is a dedicated practitioner who has reached the highest levels in Hung Fut mastery at a young age. Today he travels the world in search for new adventures, trains hard and shares and supports the wisdom of the Hung Fut System.

Date Joined:   1981

  • 1998 1st Annual Eagle Cup Adult Grand Champion
  • 1991-1992 NACMAF Two Man Set Champion
  • 1986, 1989, 1990 Full Contact Bando National Champion
  • 1982 Fu Jow Pai National Tournament; Intermediate Forms 2nd Place
Sifu Tai Yim with 9th Generation Master, Mike Sutton


A retired police officer and insurance investigator, is a five-time world and national full contact champion, which include the 1992 and 1993 Southeast Asian Tournaments as well as the 1991 Wold Kuoshu.

Date Joined:   February 1982

  • 1986 Full Contact Champion Flying Dragon Open Tournament
  • 1990-1991 Full Contact Bando National Champion
  • 1990-1991 Full Contact SE Asian Tournament Champion
  • 1991 Full Contact International Kuoshu World Champion
  • 1991-1992 Full Contact NACMAF Champion
Sifu Tai Yim with 9th Generation Master, John Ritz Miller


Highly successful entrepreneur and financial industry executive, John co-starred with Cynthia Rothrock in two 90’s kung fu action films produced by Sifu Tai Yim. Known for his proficiency with the Kwan Dao made famous by the iconic and beloved General Guan, using his customized and heavy steel shafted version of the weapon, John earned the title of North American Chinese Martial Arts Federation Grand Champion in a hard fought competition held at the Baltimore Convention Center in 1991.

It has been said that “The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see”. As an instructor, this often allows me to learn as much as I teach, because I have the opportunity to “see” things from so many differing perspectives.

Date Joined:   October 1983

  • Master, and long time student and friend of Sifu and the school
  • 1991 NACMAF Weapons Grand Champion
  • Achieved rank of Eagle in Scouting
  • Member of the Screen Actors Guild
  • I feel most blessed that my wife and I have raised five loving and truly outstanding children
Sifu Tai Yim with 9th Generation Master, Shelton Lee


A software engineer, he became active in full-contact and weapons championships in the 80’s, earning the title of champion in each competition.

Date Joined:   1984

  • 1988 Full Contact National Kung Fu Federation Champion
  • 1989 NACMAF Open and Long Weapons Champion
  • 1991 Mid Atlantic Nationals Champion
  • 1993 NACMAF Open Weapons Champion
Sifu Tai Yim with 9th Generation Master, Vicky Miller


A certified computer projects manager and electrical engineer, she earned the title of World Spear Champion at the 1990 Wold Wushu Championship and conquered the 1988 Bando Full-Contact Championship in 1988.

What I’ve learned and reinforced during this time is perseverance, not sweating the small stuff, the glass is always half full and learning is a life long journey.

Date Joined:   April 1986

  • 1988 Full Contact World Champion
  • 1990 World Kuoshu Championships Spear Champion
  • 1990 World Kuoshu Championships 3rd Place Handset
  • Perseverance / Not sweating the small stuff / Glass Half full
  • You learn a lot and remember a lot from teaching
Sifu Tai Yim with 9th Generation Master, Jae Ha Hwang


An information technology consultant, he arrived from Korea with a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, seeking the next challenge, a style that was “authentic, traditional and serious”.

Date Joined:   May 1990

  • Tai Yim Hung Fut Kung Fu practitioner for over 30 years
  • Tai Yim Hung Fut Kung Fu instructor for over 20 year
  • Master level instructor since 2006
  • Computer Scientist and Senior IT Specialist

what They’re Saying

From our Students

I joined the Hung Fut Kung Fu School in 2001 at the age of 19 when I moved to the U.S., as I was starting college. The system’s philosophy and wisdom truly spoke to me, but beyond that, the motivation and workout I was getting was inspiring and ensured my renewed desire to train daily. I’ve since left the US to pursue other opportunities, but I still carry the lessons, the training, which I still practice, the wisdom of the Hung Fut system and the lifelong friendships it has gifted me with, my Kung Fu Family. I consider Sifu Tai Yim a dear friend and an outstanding Grandmaster, who deeply cares about his community, and teaching all students what true excellence in the practice of Kung Fu really is about.

Jamil B.A.

Grandmaster Tai Yim’s instructors are the kindest, most patient, and often humorous martial arts practitioners you may ever encounter. They are the living embodiment of true martial artists who know how to engage students, help them grow, and achieve their goals.

This school is impeccably clean. The bathroom and changing room is always spotless. The main training hall is immaculate. Martial arts schools typically do not set high standards for cleanliness, and for an OCD mom like me, this is priceless.

The students, from young to old, are all excellent classmates. Polite, considerate, hard-working, positive. Simply a wonderful environment to learn authentic traditional Shaolin Hung Fut.


I can’t say enough good things about Tai Yim Kung Fu. I have been going to this school for over 30 years and I’m proud to say that my twin sons are now attending as well. When it comes to traditional Shaolin Kung Fu there is no other school that comes close. I am also very pleased with the schools ability to continue teaching during Covid-19 with online lessons. Thank you Sifu Tai Yim for years of learning and life lessons.

Eric T.

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